Car-Free Activities at Farmstead Glamping

Lots of books on foraging and walking

Reducing our carbon foot print is something that is really important to us at farmstead glamping and ditching the car for the day, of better yet your whole stay, is a fantastic way to lower your carbon impact.  So why not try one (or all) of our top 10 car free activities 

Get Active

Go for a Walk, Run or Cycle round the local Area.

There are some handy walkabout leaflets in the accommodations waiting from you. They are of varying lengths and all can be started from Farmstead Glamping.  You can take a look at them in more detail here 

 There is nothing like getting the blood pumping to make you feel like a new person.  Although don’t push yourself beyond your normal limits as we don’t want that ‘new person’ to be one with aching muscles!

Why not do a spot of yoga whilst listening to the birds sing around you!

Sturminster Newton Walkabouts

Enjoy our Dark Skys

There is nothing quite like sitting in one of our hot tubs with a drink in hand and looking up at a clear night sky.   Make sure to turn your outside light off to get the full effect. 

You will also fine some star gazing guides in our book collection to help you work out what is what. 

Forage for your Food

foraged chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Find food for free!!! nothing more rewarding than that!

In the Shepherds huts you will find a couple handy guides to help you on your way. There is so much to find, from wild mushrooms, to berry’s and even wild nuts such as these chestnuts foraged by Alex from Island Wild Food.  For lots of foraging inspiration please check out her website or find her on instagram  

But how are you going to cook all those lovely foraged goodies???? ….

Embrace your Inner Caveman

A dutch oven is cooking on a burning fire pit

Why don’t you cook up a lovely meal from scratch on the fire pit. 

We provide you with lots of pots to use on the out door fire and you can cook anything from stews to pizza.  I also have it on good authority that you can even bake some yummy cinnamon swirls for breakfast. Plus what better way to cook up your foraging winnings!!

There are a couple of recipe books in the hut, or sign up to our news letter where I will be sharing a tried and tested fire pit recipe!



Go on a Nature Trail

Go explore, take the binoculars with you and see what wildlife you can fine

Or relax put your feet up an watch the wildlife around you.  There is lots about such as Deer, Hares, Rabbits, Foxs, Badgers.  Birds such as Hereon, Wood Peckers, Sparrow Hawks, Kestrels and much much more. 

Why not bring your camera along too.  We run a year long Wildlife photography competition on our instagram pictures, so make sure to share @farmsteadglamping 

Reconnect over a Board Game

Put down the screens people!!!

There is nothing like a siting down and enjoying a good old fashioned board game.  Sit, talk, drink and reconnect.  With lots of the old favourites your bound to find one to enjoy. 

A stack of Board games in The Pheasant Pheasant at farmstead glamping

Visit Sturminster Newton Mill

Recorded in the Domesday book of 1086, Sturinster Newton Mill is one of a series of ancient flour mills built along the River Stour. This is a fully working flour mill and is open to the public, plus its a straightforward 10min Walk from Farmstead Glamping

During the summer weekends they with often serve cream teas, please see the website for details

Go Wild Swimming

A lady swims in the River Stour

Now as long as you can get over the fact you cant see the bottom, then you will love wild swimming.  

Forget driving a hour in the summer heat to share a beach with a thousand other people getting covered in sand! Instead walk 10 mins, and swim in the surprisingly warm River Stour with nothing but dragonflies and kingfishers to keep you company.  Plus with a bit of planning you can arrive back to a steaming hot soak in the wood fires hot tub

This photo is of Alex at Island Wild Food who took a dip during her Autumn stay 

Walk in To Sturminster Newton

Take the short 15min walk into our local town of Sturminster Newton.  This is a walk that Thomas Hardy would have done during this time living in the Town.

Why not sit and enjoy so lunch or a coffee whilst your there.  Here are our recommendations 

Read A Good Book

Settle down with a cup of tea, glass of wine or any other sort of beverage and get stuck into a good book.  If you have forgotten to bring one then we have a good selection to choose from.

A cup of tea with a bog in front

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