How to Support you Local Businesses during this Pandemic

As we be further into this pandemic I thought it would be useful to share with you here, some of our ideas that we shared at the start of this crisis as to how you can support your local businesses.  I had meant to share this post with you all weeks ago during the peak of the pandemic.  But i think your local business will still really appreciate the support, especially as we are given more freedoms to start moving around. 

Support Local

I have been in aw at how quickly our local businesses have been to adapt, and I bet yours have too. 

From Cafes doing large scale ready meals, to pubs offering takeaways and deli’s setting up delivery, the determination of these businesses to keep serving their local communities is admirable. 

So if your local businesses are doing this support them as much as you are able to and try to continue to do so as we come out of the other side of this as it is likely that is when your support will be most needed.

TripAdvisor Reviews

Or another Review site to be honest!

Reviews mean the world to bushiness owners.  The hospitality industry has been hit hard by this pandemic (understandably so).  With many business not knowing when they might reopen, some kind words will mean so much to the staff and owners. Decent honest reviews will help like-minded people find the perfect places to visit. 

So lets show some love to the pubs, restaurants, bars, visitor attractions, hotels, cafes and camping and glamping sites!! 

Engage in Their Social Media

If your favourite places have social media accounts make sure you follow the, Its likely  to be the first place they will post any other updates. 

Comment, Like and Share their posts with people you you think might be interested in using their services.  This will help them increase their audience and generate more sales moving forwards


Gift Vouchers

A fantastic way to help support businesses that have had to close to hep stop the spread of the virus is to buy a gift voucher from them.  Whether its your favourite gift shop or that restaurant that you spend those special occasions.  It will help the business with cash flow, the senitment will mean a lot to them and whats more it gives you something to look forwards to . 


Money is tight for many people at the moment, but local charities are really feeling the pinch.  If you are able to make a small donation to help or maybe come up with a way to raise some money for them. 

Helping your local farm businesses

Its weather has been unreal, and has come at a time where what time we are able to spend out doors is really precious.

Spring is a really busy time for farmers so whilst your out and about enjoying our wonderful countryside there are a few things that you can do to help keep the animals, farmers and other rights of way users safe.

  1. keep your dogs on leads, especially round live stock
  2. please stick to the footpaths and follow any diversions that may have been put in place (for example to avoid farmyards that are busy)
  3. please do not run close to livestock, it can spook them.  slow to a walk and speed up again once past. 
  4. please keep gates closed and carry hand sanitiser to use after opening/closing to help protect the farmers, their families and other footpath users. 
  5. Please clean up after your animals 

Schedule some Services

If you’ve had to cancel appointments such as decorators, windows cleaners, gardening etc.  make sure to schedule it in for a later date. You may have to reschedule a number of times, but knowing that your custom is waiting for them at the end of this will give these providers (may of which are self employed) a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Be Patient, Be Kind and Stay Safe

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