Success in the Dorset Tourism Awards 2020

We are thrilled to find out that we have been successful in last years Dorset Tourism Awards.  We all know 2020 was a tough year for everyone and so far 2021 is looking equally turbulent, so news like this gives myself and the team a much needed morale boast.  


Chair of the Judging Panel Professor Peter Jones said of this years entrants “Dorset tourism, like tourism the world over, is demonstrating resilience and fortitude in coping with the impact and implications of Covid-19 in some amazing ways. This year’s entries into the Dorset Tourism Awards are no exception. Entrants demonstrated creativity and innovation, passion for the industry, and enthusiasm in providing a great experience for their customers in the most difficult of circumstances” and it it fantastic for our business to be in consideration in such great company.


The awards that we are in consideration for are Glamping Business of the Year and the Ethical, Responsible and Sustainable Business of the Year awards.  We will not find out until awards day whether we have won Bronze, Silver, Gold or a Special Award. Talking of which the awards day is for obvious reasons taking place virtually this year.  That doesn’t means we get out of getting all dolled up, quite the contrary as its a ‘Black Tie’ event. I just hope the postman doesn’t turn up with a delivery, as I’m pretty sure he already thinks we are bonkers!! 


So watch this space to find out how we do! 

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