Disability and Access Statment

Due to the small dimensions of our shepherd’s huts and the fact that they are raised off of the ground, with access by means of wooden steps it would not be practical to provide wheelchair access.

We have taken great care to design a site that is as accessible as possible, while maintaining the integrity of what a shepherds hut should be.  The parking area has large parking spaces and is easy to get into an out of.  The Shepherds huts are 50m and 200m from the parking area and are accessed by hard standing that provide a level surface to walk on throughout the year.  The path is also accessible using a buggy (however is a little bumpy!).  The outside of the shepherd’s huts will also be hard standing for the same reason.  At certain times of the year it may be possible to park next to the huts, but this will largely depend on the weather and you should ask in advance if you would like this to be an option. 

Guide and medical assistance dogs welcome and are exempt from any charges. 

We do not discriminate against anyone based on their age, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, marital status gender reassignment or sexual orientation.  

Please contact us prior to booking you have any special requirements or if you are unsure whether the access and facilities of our shepherd’s huts are suitable for your requirements.