Frequently Asked Questions

The Huts

What is included?
Well quite a bit actually! All your bed linen and towels.  Lots of beverages ; tea, coffee, herbal tea and sugar s. Salt, Pepper and Olive oil  and some snacks for your arrival. 
Do I need to bring any pots etc with me?
No. Everything you need should be here. Cutlery, crockery, pots and pans….
I’m booking in the Winter will it be cold?
The huts are fully insulated and the wood burner kicks out a lot of heat, so the hut may be chilly when you arrive but you’ll get it snug in no time at all.  We also provide hot water bottles and extra blankets. 
Where are the showering facilities?
Inside the hut, so no midnight runs to go to the toilet!
How are the Shepherds Huts Powered?
The huts are powered by solar, so please use the lights sparingly during the winter months when there isnt as much sun! The hot water is heated by gas
Is there anywhere to plug in my hair drier?
I am affraid not.  There are no standard sockets with in the huts. You can charge your phone on a USB charger though.
Is there a Fridge?
There is not a fridge, but there is a very good coolbox designed to keep food refrigerated for 2+ days and works far better than standard coolboxes.  Ice packs are provided and can be replaced when needed.

The Hot Tub

What is the £30 fee for?
This is to hire the hot tub for the duration of your stay.  The fee covers the cost of the water and the cleaning of it between guests.  Extra towels and spa slippers. You will also get enough logs to heat it up at least twice. Additional logs can be purchased
Will it be hot when I arrive?
So sorry we currently don’t offer this service
Does it make bubbles?
How long does it take to heat up?
This tends to depend on two factors.  The ambient temperature and how good your fire skills are!
With a really decent well tended fire it will take under 2hrs in the summer and around 3.5 in the winter
I’ve decided I don’t want to use the hot tub, do I still need to pay?  
If you change your mind about using the hot tub and let us know 24hrs before you arrive then we can refund the charge.  However if you decide not to use it during your stay then unfortunate the charge still stands.
Will you help me get it the fire started?
We will absolutly do our best to help you if we are able too.

The Stay

What days can I check in?

Our usual check in days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you where hoping to check in on a different day, e.g Saturday, we may be able to accommodate this, so get in touch

What are the check in and out times?

Check In is from 3pm.  Details of our check in procedure will be sent to you prior to arrival.  Late arrivals can be accommodated and are not charged an additional fee.  Check out is by 11am, unfortunately late check outs can not be accommodated.

Can I bring my Child or Baby?

Yes, but please get in touch to discuss this further

Can I bring my dog?

Yes you can.  Dogs are charged at £10 extra per dog.  Two dogs max

What about Blind or medical assistance Dogs?

Yes and they are except from the charges

How about other pets?

We have had hamsters and rats stay before, but best check with us first!