Eco-Roast Coffee Roasters Choice Origin Honduras


We love our coffee here at Farmstead Glamping, so we thought it would be great to give you the change to get your hands on some.


I really love these single origin coffees  and the folks down the road at Eco Roast do an incredible job with them



About Eco-Roast

Eco Roast Coffee is a multi award winning roasting technology that uses waste coffee to power its process. The only waste negative, carbon neutral fresh coffee on the planet! With its modern collections of amazing blends, single estates and nutropic coffees for the enjoyment of every coffee lover on the planet that want to make and taste a difference. Deliciously Responsible Coffee is brought to you by Eco Roast


Product detail

Origin: Honduras

Crop 2020

Region: Santa Bárbara Varieties: Lempira, Catuaí, Obata

Harvest: December–April

Grade: SHG EP Certification: Fairtrade/Organic/Rainforest Alliance

Processing: Washed, patio, and drum drying

Altitude: 900–1,250 masl

Cupping Notes: Balanced and smooth with notes of spice, lemon, & pine. Delicious for espresso or filter.

250g option comes in special large mailing bags to reduce postage cost.  Please not that are not resealable so are perfect to pour beans in to a separate storage jar.

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250g, 1kg

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