As a family we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and try to mitigate this where possible.  This is a vision that we have seen reflected by the majority of our guests, so it seemed only natural to move the business forwards by making changes towards a more sustainable experience.  


Whilst our business has always been green, we have made some recent improvements and are proud to be holders of the Green Tourism Gold Award. 


When you book a stay at Farmstead Glamping, we want you to be assured that we have done everything possible to minimise our effect on the environment.

Here’s what WE to do.

Reduce Waste

Laundry is done ‘in house’ with A+++ rated machine. The house has Solar Panels so largely runs off-grid during the day time which is when the washing is done, reducing our energy consumption.

Refillable Ecover cleaning products are provided for guest use and used during change over. These products are kinder to the environment and have also significantly reduced our plastic usage

Washable cleaning cloths are used to clean the Shepherds Huts, therefore eliminating our use of paper towels.

Recycling and food waste bins are provided by the accommodation.

Food waste and paper/card waste is composted at home and used by us.  By doing so we are trying to take responsibility for our own waste and further improve our impact on the local environment.

We operate an online paper-free booking system which has reduced the need for paper consumables.


Green Energy

Your shepherds Hut is off the grid and powered by its own Solar Panel.

The huts are double glazed and insulated to a high standard helping to conserve energy produced by the wood burners and reduce the need for their use where possible.

A solar array on the Farm to generate electricity.

The electricity used on the farm and in the house/office is certificated from renewable sources.


Sustainable Purchasing

Our Shepherds Huts have been crafted by the Plankbridge.  We choose them not just because of how beautiful their huts are but because like us they believe that “the spaces we create should be good for the planet as well as the people occupying them”.  Their workshop which is only 15miles away is run off-grid, the timber and sheet materials which carry certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and the hut walls are insulated with Thermafleece sheep’s wool. Like us they also source as much as they are able too locally.  For more information on this inspiring company click here 

The majority of the products in the Shepherds Huts are locally sourced.  The sinks for example where hand crafted 10 miles away.

Local Teas and Coffee that display the Rain Forest Alliance Badge.

Food Hampers all contain local produce and where possible come to you in reusable containers, eliminating as much single use plastic as possible.

Neals Yard Organic Hand wash and Lotion.

The accommodation is stocked with Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper.


Caring for the Environment 

Our Logs are Kiln dried Woodsure certified ready to burn and are sourced from managed woodlands and are FSC certified.

We have a number of Bug hotels on site.

Sections of wildflower meadow.

We have recently planted a number of trees as part of our guest carbon offsetting program.  The trees planted have been carefully selected for their value to wildlife, you can find out more about this here


Raising Awareness

It is our hope that we are able to inspire our guests to make easy sustainable choices.

We are members of the Towns commerce group, with one member of personnel sitting  on the committee. By doing so we can help have an impact on the prosperity of our local area and continue to promote sustainable thinking withing the local businesses


We are Committed to Sustainability

We are proud to be members of the Green Tourism scheme who assess our business regularly and have recently graded as as Gold.  We were also Commended this year at the Dorset Tourism Awards in the Sustainability category.  


Our Carbon Footprint 

It is generally believed that carbon footprint of the average Briton is around 9 tonne per year, so for a two person household your looking at almost double that.

We have Calculated that the carbon emissions associated with the out two shepherds huts based on the average occupancy and fuel usage rates over the last few years.  It has come out as  1.72 tonne per year, which per person is 0.43 tonne per year.  This mainly the result of  burning wood and the use of gas for the hot water supply. We are very pleased with this figure and we hope that some of our carbon off setting projects, such as the tree and wild flower planting will help to further reduce that figure.

Here’s what we would like YOU to do.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Please use the shopping bags provided in the shepherds huts so that you are able to say No to plastic bags when doing any shopping.

Recycling at Farmstead Glamping could not be simpler, Please place all recyclable waste in the recycle bin (plastic, metal, paper and glass) we will sort through this when you leave.  There is a food caddy bin in your kitchen, please leave this as is and we will empty it directly into our compost bin.  If you fill it up we are happy to come and empty it mid stay. 

If you do not want to take home items such as cooking foil, matches, condiments etc, please do not throw them out as we will make them available for others to use


Conserve Energy

Make your solar power go further by ensuring that you turn lights off when your not using them


Support the local economy 

We have so many fantastic local services, food  providers and producers so please make the most of them during your stay, you wont regret it!! Why not start by purchasing a local produce hamper from us. 

For some extra inspiration on places to visit in the local area please visit our additional information page

 You can support the local economy by buying local produce and products and the local services such and the fantastic cafe’s and pubs Sturminster Newton has to offer.

Reduce you Carbon foot print by leaving your car behind and exploring the local area on foot.


Be kind to the local environment.

When exploring the local area please follow the Countryside Code (more details here).  Please note their is no ‘right to roam’ in this area so please stick to the marked footpaths and bridleways

Clean up after your dogs using the bags provided. 

Make sure you you turn of your outside light when you go to bed and are not using it. The artificial light can interfere with the feeding patterns of nocturnal animals such as Owls, Bats and moths.  


Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Enjoy yourselves doing carbon neutral activities such as star gazing, wildlife watching and playing board games. 

Reduce you Carbon foot print by leaving your car behind and exploring the local area on foot. Check out our top 10 things to do with out your car 


Want to go the Extra mile?

Why not try travelling here by public transport. It involves a little walk and often both a train and bus ride but it can be done .  Go to the travel line to see if your journey is possible (please be sure to check your return date/time too)

Buy a tree from us to help off set your carbon footprint. The world needs more trees and we will be planting some on the farm over the coming years.  Buy a tree during the booking process or via the online shop and we will plant your tree the following Autumn and look after it for the years to come. 


Your Carbon Footprint

Why don’t you use the handy carbon foot print calculator below to work out your overall foot print.  It even offers some handy suggestions as to how you can off set it. 

Green Tourism promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate, by offering our members advice on Sustainability. The awards certification programme recognises the commitment of tourism businesses which are actively working to become more sustainable

For the Kids

Discover some fun and exciting ways to get your children to explore the natural round around them