Pair of Farmstead Glamping Mugs


Get your hands on a pair of our Farmstead Glamping small enamel camping mugs

I can not tell you how much we love these new Enamel camping mugs with their beautiful design depicting our Glamping Spaces.

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Unlike many camping mugs out there which have been mass produced, these have been hand-made from scratch using traditional techniques meaning that they are much more durable and the finish is second to none.

This unique handmade enamelware can be use on induction, gas and electric hobs, in the oven, in the campfire and on the woodburner. It can even survive the occasional trip through the dishwasher, but Hand washing is recommended. They are incredibly durable just don’t drop it from a great height!
They have come up a little smaller that we were expecting so if you like a really large hot drink then these might not be for you, That said it gives you the perfect excuse to go back for

Please note that is is a hand made product so minor variations in finish may be seen

Price is for a set of 2


Volume: 250ml/8.5oz
Height: 7cm



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